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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Upward Soccer

May 6, 2020 Update:
All refund checks were put in the mail today.  Hopefully you will get yours soon!
God bless you all!
4.26.20 Update:
Upward will be sending me a check in 2 weeks.  I am hoping to mail you all the checks the day I get the check put in the bank.  
 4.19.20 Update on refunds: 
Upward has received all of our returned items & I'm waiting for them to credit our account.  Once that goes through, I will get the checks to you.  I have been writing the checks, just waiting for enough money to be in the account to mail them.  Thank you for your patience.  
We are so very sorry to announce this.  Please look for your email for more details about your refund.  
Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need ANYTHING.  We would love to help. 
It has been my pleasure running this league for the past 13 seasons & getting to know each & every one of you.  God bless you all~~~Leslie Buxton
We will reassess at that time.  Please watch for updates.  If you need a refund before that time, please contact me at
We are heartbroken.  Please know that we are praying for all of you including our country & our world.  God bless you all.
COVID19 Update
 Please read the Governor's order here.  Our goal is to be compliant with our authorities.  
An email was sent to all soccer players 3.14.20.  Please look for that & read it.  If you have any questions or concerns, WE DO TOO!  But please know that we at The Bridge are praying for your children. 
3.5.20 Soccer Teams are completed! 
You should be receiving a link AND hearing from your child's coach before Sunday, March 8th.  If you have conflicts, please let your coach know.  We will try to accommodate as best we can. We appreciate your understanding.   
Informational/mandatory meeting with be SUNDAY, March 1st at 5pm (the day after evaluations).  Please consider volunteering for this important ministry for 10 weeks. I have never had to close registrations due to lack of coaches & certainly don't want to start this year.  We are volunteer dependent!  
2020 Spring Soccer Registration is now OPEN! 
K5-12th grade
Visit to register & pay on-line (search 'Find a League" & enter zip code 43074).  On-line registration is preferred as the info gets put into our system automatically.
You may also download a copy of the form by clicking here: 2020 Upward Soccer Registration.   Send in the form & payment to PO Box 394, Sunbury, Ohio, 43074.  
 General info about our league:  
Please be cautious while driving in the parking lot.  There is a lot of traffic before & after games.  Our concern is for the safety of the kids as they get to & from their vehicles.  We have altered game times by 1/2 hour on Saturdays to make allowances for traffic AND to have more parking spaces available.  Please do not park or drive in the grass if it has been raining.
Weather Policy:  
  • On practice nights, cancelling will be the sole decision of your coach.  If practice is cancelled, you will get a phone call/e-mail/text from them.  If you do NOT hear from your coach, assume you are practicing.  You can certainly call your coach & ask.  The church office will not know if your practice is cancelled.  
  • On game days & practice days, all play will be suspended for 30 minutes after the last lightening/thunder episode as determined by the head referee & league director.  Games have only been cancelled 2 or 3 times in the last 12 seasons!  God is good to us!     
  • Be ready to practice/play games in the rain!  
 Practice & Game Day Church Ground Rules 
  •  Please note the port-a-john behind the garage.  We ask that you & your children use this instead of going inside the church building.  We have AA meetings & other functions every night of the week & do not want to disturb them. 
  • Many times we have found children unsupervised in the church building during practice times.  Mostly they are siblings to the children who are practicing. Please make sure you know where your children are.  :) There are to be no unsupervised kids in the church.
  • Please also note that no children are allowed in the garage as well.  It is not child-proofed.   
  • Another concern for us is the parking lot.  As you come & go, be aware that children don't necessarily watch where they are going!  We want to keep them safe!  So please drive slowly & watch for them in case they dart out between cars. 
  • It is best if parents can stay during the practices if possible (especially kindergartners-4th graders).  If you are unable to stay or need to run an errand, please let your child's coach know how to reach you in case of an emergency. 
  • We appreciate all of your help in these areas!  If you have concerns that are not listed, please let your child's coach know, Leslie Buxton or the Pastor. 






 No matter which kids soccer league you choose, your Upward Soccer Experience will be fun for the whole family.



  Our Upward Soccer program:

  • Teaches sports skills and values
  • Allows ALL kids to join
  • Offers family friendly schedules
  • Provides equal playing time for every child, no matter the skill level
  • Teaches about God's love for us through His Son, Jesus
   Throughout the 10 week season, your child will explore and discover their love of the sport by playing at least half of every game. Kids will be individually recognized at each game and find positive role models in coaches, refs, and league volunteers.




  YOU CAN BE A PART OF UPWARD SOCCER by volunteering to coach, referee, or be a team parent!  This is an awesome way to get to know the kids, their families, and make a difference in the life of a child.  You may also donate funds to the Upward Soccer program through the church in the form of a scholarship for children who apply for financial assistance.  Please contact the church office for more info....and THANK YOU!!!!


  What do I need buy for my child to play soccer? 


  Shin guards are required to participate in practices & games.  You can find them at Meijer or any store like that for about $7 new. 


   Cleats are handy to have, but not required, in the slippery dew-filled mornings of play.  Many children who have outgrown their shoes/guards have donated them to the church for others to use. 


   Each child should have their own soccer ball to use during practice as well.  Size #3 for Kindergartners & 1st graders,  size #4 for 2nd-6th graders; size #5 for 7th grade & up.