The BRIDGE Sunbury
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pastor's Note

"What're You Preaching On Sunday?"
 I hear that a lot!  I'm glad you asked, so here's what's coming up.  I hope you join us for worship! 
~Pastor Dan

 2 0 1 9
We are going through the entire book of Mark from January until Easter. 
This assures that everyone has read one gospel this year!
Jan 6-It Starts With The Messenger.  John must come first.
Jan 13-Three Questions for Jesus-How Can He Be Your Disciple? 
            Why Do Your Disciples Eat During Fasts? 
            Why Do They Work on the Sabbath?
Jan 20=Jesus & Demons-How did the demons feel about Jesus?
Jan 27-Why Did Jesus Use Stories?  He always talked in what we call parables.
Feb 3-A Scary Boat Ride-How do you do in the storms of life?
Feb 10-Jesus The Healer-Faith the key!