The BRIDGE Sunbury
Monday, November 23, 2020
 Spreading the WORD, not COVID!
Here are a few takeaways:
~Social distancing must be observed.
~No food or drink will be served. (You can bring your own)
~Offering plates will be available at the back of the sanctuary.  
You can also worship, pray, & learn via Facebook Live on our page  The Bridge Sunbury  Sunday worship is at 10:30am, Prayer Meeting & Bible Study is held every Wednesday at 6 & 6:30pm.
You can also watch the sermons once they are uploaded on our media page here, or via your Rightnow Media account, or Youtube.  
Why The Bridge?
We have been First Baptist Church of Sunbury for many years.  Why would we change our name?  Names are funny things.  Just like the word 'church.' People look at the building & say "Look at that church!"  But that's not correct based on what we see in the bible.  Jesus makes the statement 'My church.'  In Greek, He says 'My eklesia.'  This means 'My group of people.' So most of us, when we think 'church,' we think of a building.  It's actually the group of people inside.  
What do people think of when they think of First Baptist Church of Sunbury?  We're not sure, but we want them to think about Jesus.  In John 14:6, Jesus says He is the only way to God.  Have you ever driven up to a lake & the only way across was to drive across a beautiful bridge?  When we think of where we are and where God is, Jesus tells us that He is that bridge.  We are so thankful for this good news & we want to share it with others!  We want many to come & cross the bridge with us!  
Blessings to you, Pastor Dan Brown
The Bridge
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